A costumer is any natural person who enters into a transaction for a purpose that is neither commercially nor their independent vocational activity may be attributed. Bidder pursued with this contract the business purpose of selling services.

Each software license is assigned with a unique device ID, once issued, the license is not considered for a refund. Once issued, a license can not be returned.

In any case, the customer has to inform himself in advance about the compatibility of the software with the device. In case of doubt, the customer shall contact us – by telephone, via a support ticket, or by live chat. If we have clearly advise the customer wrongly, we either provide a suitable license, correct the error or consider the license to be taken back pro rata.

In case of technical problems and / or faults, the customer must give us the following possibilities for correction. If none of these possibilities cause the issue to be fixed, we are considering taking the license back. Within max. 10 days from purchase the customer has the possibility to cancel the purchase under the following circumstances.

  • Error analysis in the form of the analysis data contained in the software.
  • Concrete and detailed description of the error / issue.
  • Complete re installation of the software
  • Resetting the phone to the factory settings
  • By arrangement / request – to send the device, at your expense, to us for a exact fault diagnosis & correction.

The software is certified for a particular mobile phone using the IMEI number or is a composite product, so there can be no question of restitution. It is also the customer to check if the phone is compatible with the purchased software. If in doubt, call, click the chat live or email. In case you have technical issues with the software you must accept professional help from our Customer Support Centre via Live Chat or Email. Only after this analysis, you may be eligible for a full refund. If the software does not respond to the description on the website and after consultation, we will consider a refund. Basically, all guaranteed features for Android are available . However, since each manufacturer programmes the system differently, it is possible to have a limitation, depending on the device, the operating system and the build version. We solves these limitations by subsequent delivery just like any other software manufacturer also appropriate Software Updates.  Therefore the requirements for a refund are not valid . Please follow our support guides per ticket system.

Personal reasons, such as the following, we will not agree for a refund:

  • error (order accidentally given, I no longer need the software, etc)
  • License was not used
  • Can not install the software
  • Mobile phone does not have Internet
  • Cant have physical access to the device
  • I do not know the pin to the phone

An active internet connection on the device is required, we are not responsible for loss of data due to temporary connection interruption (roaming or change of provider for e.g.).  In case the target device lost connection due to a factory reset, no Internet access or an update of theoperating system; then the customer agrees to reinstall or make sure the Internet is fully operational.  The software captures the data in the background and sends it to our servers. For this the mobile phone should permanently have a stable Internet connection. We cannot held responsible for the transport and / or for the correct transport of the data. Neither we are responsible for the user interacting with the device.

Android devices must be rooted to use all the guaranteed features of the software. We can only assist to root a Android mobile phone, if the installation service was ordered by the customer. Otherwise, we can not provide technical support for rooting an Android phone.
IPhone and iOS devices must have a jailbreak unless otherwise specified. The jailbreak of iOS devices can only be accepted if the installation service has been ordered by the customer. Otherwise, we can not provide technical support for jailbreaking a mobile phone.

The revocation must be sent to refund@www.n1spy.com . Once the software is delivered or activated no restitution is possible. No refund will be issued after 10 days have elapsed since the purchase date. By placing an order you agree that your order is governed by this policy.