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The n1Spy iPhone Monitor App stands for excellent Parental Control.  Our Parental Monitoring Software is used to control your child’s activity on its mobile device. View SMS and Popular Chats. Get GPS tracking…

This software does NOT require installation, so you don’t need to jailbreak or have access to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We set up everything remotely. Connect to your Private Control Panel. Add the iCloud credentials and you are all set. Sit back and relax. Login from any web browser and secretly learn the truth. Saving lives and Peace of mind are priceless.

n1Spy delivers information no other iCloud monitor app can. Take advantage of this promotional pricing. Trust but Verify!


n1Spy iPhone No Jailbreak Monitor Software is an ideal tool for revealing suspicions.

Do you want to know what is happening and have the information simultaneously? Manage and control their mobile phone. Install the software on the mobile phone in minutes. Connect to your Private Control Panel. Login from any web browser and secretly learn the truth. Saving lives and Peace of mind are priceless.
n1Spy iPhone No Jailbreak Monitor Software delivers information no other iPhone Spy App can. Trust but Verify!

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Private Applications:

Does your child have bad friends? Do you need to know what your child is doing in his/her spare time and what happens without your knowledge? Who sends all those chats and what are the talking about?

  • For parents who want to take control of their children’s mobile phone
  • Protect your children or loved ones by use of the GPS location feature
  • Locate and retrieve a stolen phone and the new ‘owner’
  • Share your communications with your trusted parties
  • Increased security and control of communication expenses

Business Applications:

Companies can install software on employees’ phones to monitor activity and location. Now you have management and full control over usage, about possible abuses, about the quality and loyalty of your staff. Next to this, in case of lost or stolen phones can still be recovered.

  • Corporate Communication Quality Monitoring
  • Instant feedback on Business Communications
  • Background assistance for employees in the field
  • Industrial espionage detection and prevention
  • Identification and control of the abuse of the company’s goods

Government Applications:

We have solutions on a large scale. Our consultants and our development team offer governments ready-made solutions. Contact us.

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